Viper Wheel and Tyre strikes collaboration partnership with

Deon Joubert Racing

The team at Viper Wheel and Tyre entered into an agreement with SA Racing Champion Deon Joubert.


The aim of the partnership is to provide performance upgrade products and solutions to the automotive industry. The product range include the following but are not limited to these; performance exhausts build in-house in stainless steel, alloy wheels, high performance tyres, which also include a wide range of All/Mud terrain tyres, break/suspension upgrades, shocks and software upgrades through the DTE (German) platform.

The partnership is unique and brings with it many years of industry experience both in the racing world and the auto servicing and manufacturing industries. We bring the experts together so that the customer gets the benefit of products that are suited for their specific vehicles. 

Some background on Deon:

Deon was a professional race car driver which means that he has built up a deep knowledge of the things that make a car go quickly around the racetrack, that being, engine power, suspension and of course brakes.


The success of a race car driver is not necessarily being a good engineer or mechanic but he has to be  able to give feedback to the engineer and mechanic in these critical areas and then combine that obviously with his/her driving skill.


Deon developed his skills in these areas in his long professional racing career, during which he drove all kinds of cars and even speedboats and while most of his time was spent in BMW and Opel factory race cars he also raced, VW, Toyota, Ford, Chevrolet, Nissan and Honda cars. Deon also rallied and even did some speedboat racing.


His company Deon Joubert Racing manages the promotional fleets of 9 car manufacturers from a secret purpose built facility.


This activity brought him closer to the industry as he is exposed to  the newest cars and industry directions as well as engineers and technicians at the manufacturers and dealerships.


Car owners have always been interested in customising their vehicles and Deon is as passionate about cars as anybody. So while there might be a price barrier to ownership of a dream vehicle, one’s own vehicle can easily and cost effectively be differentiated by changing wheels and tyres as well as upgrading the shocks/suspensions and brakes and adding a performance exhaust.

Deon Joubert Racing has been in the business for over 10 years and has built up an experienced team of employees with a love for cars. He has well established relationships with all the car manufacturers, has a wide understanding of the market, and understand the needs of customers and manufacturers.

This knowledge and the Viper team's manufacturing and supply capability makes for a great partnership.